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Where did time go? It was New Year, then Chinese New Year and now Easter is around the corner. Been meaning to get the blog going but time just slipped through. Well, better late than never!
Everyone has been saying 2020 is a write off, it can’t get any worse, it’s all a bad dream etc. Don’t get me wrong, 2020 was shocking! But how do I stop 2021 from being another 2020??
So one of my 2021’s resolution is to be more positive so as my first blog of 2021, I think it’s fitting to reflect back on the positive parts of 2020. It’s like looking at a glass half full mindset!

Save money

  1. That has to be the number 1 plus on dining and travel restrictions. Think of how much money you were going to spend on going out, birthday gatherings, Christmas and travel! The amount is mind boggling! It is a wake up call for me and I’m going to try to keep up with this moving forward! Maybe not as much as a Scrooge like 2020 but also not like Carrie Bradshaw.. to find a nice balance.

Brain Juice

  1. Another thing I learnt from 2020 is how to handle a curve ball. I learnt how to go with the flow and be more innovative! I never thought of organising an online bake sale or even starting my own online store! I think 2020 really tested my brain power in thinking outside the box. I think this year will also require the same if not more ingenuity and creative! Let the brain juice flow!

Stay Local

  1. Another plus is exploring your local city! Since we are not able to travel for 2020, I’ve been researching more hidden gems in HK and we have been like tourists and going off the beaten path. Have been such an eye opener and such a great family bonding time! Thats another blog with more activities ideas!

Be Appreciative

  1. Last but not least, 2020 has made me more reflective and more appreciative for family and life. I have learn to take more moments to stop and look around and appreciate my family and to be more reflective. Also I have learn to cut out toxic relationships and focus more on friends who help to encourage you and build you up. Quality over quantity!

In all, it hasn’t been an easy year but I’m so glad to have come out of it a better person (I hope), stronger mother and a better person. Now is to go forth this year with the right mindset and attitude and let this year be a better year for you than last !

Would love to hear what other lessons you have learnt from 2020! 

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